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Olivas Adobe Historical Park in Ventura California - An Exceptional Example of Mexican Architecture

The Olivas Adobe Historical Park in Ventura, California is an exceptional example of Mexican colonial architecture, which dates back to the days of the California gold rush. Built on the north bank of the Santa Clara River just a few miles from the modern-day estuary, the Olivas Adobe was built by Raymond Olivas, a Spanish explorer and architect who brought this building to California in the mid-nineteenth century. Situated on the shore between the Pacific Ocean and the steep slopes of the Monterey Mountains, the Olivas Adobe is one of the best examples of California Colonial architecture. The three-story building is two stories high with a large central courtroom on the second floor. On the first floor, a staircase leads down to the main lobby of the building, and on the bottom floor are the offices of the corporation. The entire building, which was designed by architects Fray Vicorko and Jose Cosano, was restored by California State University at the College of Marin in Redwood City, California. I


Today the Olivas Adobe features a picturesque park consisting of a museum, a stagecoach monument, picnic areas, an old-fashioned stagecoach inn, and a butterfly house. For many years this famous adobe landmark was the site where American movies were filmed, such as" Gone With The Wind", "Gone with the Wind" and "banners". This beautiful park features a nature trail that starts off from the main entrance. For hikers or visitors interested in learning more about this California historical site, the Olivas Adobe Historical Park in Ventura, California is a wonderful place to visit. See here for information about Marina Park Amenities and Facilities in Ventura, California.

Eagle Pride Construction Inc (M1) (CID)
Eagle Pride Construction Inc (M1) (CID)

The mission-style architecture featured in the construction of this California historical landmark, along with its state-of-the-art amenities, make it an appealing place to visit. You can also enjoy the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean from this California beachside attraction. For those who are interested in the history of California's past, the mission-style adobe buildings will remind them of past generations while enjoying the beach view from your hotel room.

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