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Marina Park Amenities and Facilities in Ventura, California

Marina Park in Ventura, California is one of the most popular beaches in all of Southern California. It is conveniently located on the Pacific Coast Highway, about a half-mile from downtown Ventura. A 15-mile long oceanfront park with an extensive playground, pool & basketball court. Children, teens and adults of all ages are safe here because it is an above-ground pool and has a safety fence.


There is a concession stand that offers many different types of foods and drinks, as well as a gift shop with a variety of gift items and stationery that feature a large selection of pictures and photos of the famous Trojan Horse as well as other sailboat sailboats of various eras and colors. There is also a beach bar that features live music from local bands, as well as on-site patio seating and grills for enjoying the warmth of the sun while watching the waves crash onto the coast. The complex also features an underground garage sale, complete with sells trinkets and clothing that can be purchased for low prices at the park itself as well as for much higher prices when buying elsewhere. The beach is surrounded by small wooden cottages that are perfect for taking a romantic stroll on a warm summer day. Several of the cottages have fireplaces built into the wooded walls of the cottage, which is another reason why the park is so popular among couples and honeymooners on romantic vacations. Discover facts about Golf N Stuff in Ventura, California - A Family-Friendly Place To Play Golf.

Eagle Pride Construction Inc (M1) (CID)
Eagle Pride Construction Inc (M1) (CID)

All Marina Park in Ventura, California hotels offer full room service with a picnic lunch package included. This is a great way to spend the day with your family or friends, as well as a convenient way to bring everyone together for an enjoyable evening on the waterfront. The water itself is a soft and refreshing shade of blue that helps to wash away any stress you may have experienced before arriving at the beach, while the surrounding trees provide a cool and soothing breeze. The food options at Marina Park in Ventura, California include many types of sushi and Mexican cuisine. There are also several sit-down restaurants where you can enjoy a full dinner or cocktail while enjoying the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

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