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Room Addition Contractors in Ventura, CA

Eagle Pride Construction opened in 2005 and is built on many more years of experience in home improvement. A room addition or home extension may be the best option if you’re strapped for space. But when you don’t have the resources for a large expansion, our home extension contractors can tailor the project to match your needs and expectations.


If decluttering, reorganizing, or rearranging rooms hasn’t freed up enough space, building a room addition will provide the value you need. It does, however, require a great deal of construction expertise. The foundation, framing, flooring, windows, electrical, and HVAC must be considered. There are zoning and permitting requirements to consider as well.


For these reasons, you need experienced home addition contractors to take on the job.

Types of Room Additions

Adding a room to your home is a major step. There’s no substitute that will provide the space and utility; a functional room essentially requires all the amenities a home would have.


Square footage is a key consideration too. Oftentimes, homeowners face weighing having a large-enough room versus the cost per square foot. An experienced room addition builder will help you determine the optimal cost to value of your project.


You must also consider the type of room addition you need. The options include:

Second-Story Addition

Building a second floor to your home has many challenges. Compliance with local codes is one, as many municipalities prohibit adding floors to homes.


Neighbors’ or homeowners’ associations must be consulted regarding approval and design. And the weight of an additional floor means structural modifications must be made, including strengthening the foundation and exterior walls. This requires city approval as well.


Our home addition contractors can manage all these requirements and more so you get the most out of your second-story addition.

Master Bedroom/Suite Addition

An additional master bedroom or suite can significantly increase the value of your home. But a master bedroom requires a great deal of planning. It doesn’t only provide room to sleep. Heating and cooling are needed as is plumbing if you want to add a toilet, sink, tub, or other fixtures.


The more functional the addition is, the more value it will have. Think of the use you or a future home buyer could get out of a custom shower or spa tub.

Kitchen Addition

If you’re adding or expanding a kitchen, the work typically requires removing and relocating load-bearing walls. The space factor depends on the type of kitchen you want. A large, open kitchen usually requires more work.


In any case, you need to factor in electrical capacity to support high-power, heat-producing appliances, so upgrades may be required there. Plumbing and ventilation are other areas our home addition builders also need to address.

Bathroom Addition

Adding a new bathroom can be costly so you want every decision to count. If installing a bathroom in a hallway, master bedroom, garage, or spare closet is an option, our room addition contractors can work with you.


A laundry room is a good place, if it is big enough, because there are already water and drain connections. But usually, a bathroom addition has the unique challenge of building out plumbing, for which various codes and requirements apply. Permits and inspections are often required so you need an experienced professional to handle a bathroom addition.

A room addition project in progress, this new room was built by a professional room addition contractor, such as Eagle Pride Construction in Ventura (CA).

Why Us?

A home addition project in progress, this new room was built by a professional home addition contractor, such as Eagle Pride Construction in Ventura (CA).

Eagle Pride Construction is a veteran-owned company built on knowledge of military construction and construction management. We have a skilled team of home addition contractors that has provided successful room additions for hundreds of customers.


Every detail is covered while we pride ourselves on being trustworthy and able to anticipate challenges before they occur, reducing the risk of surprises or extra costs during the project.


We’re one of the most trusted local contractors for home additions because we:


  • Listen to every homeowner’s needs before getting to work.

  • Communicate every detail, both verbally and in our written agreements.

  • Reliably follow through on commitments, are prompt, and stay on track.

  • Remain organized, from following each step in order to having the appropriate tools on site.

  • Can solve any problem or challenge that arises.

  • Respect your home by protecting all surfaces and cleaning the job site continuously and at day’s end.

  • Will address any problem after the job is complete. Customer service doesn’t end when the project does.


We take pride in mutual respect, honesty, and fairness. This has enabled us to build long-term relationships with clients who depend on our timely service and commitment to quality, safety, and attention to detail.


Any room addition requires making many decisions. The project may seem daunting to you at first. However, our experience and willingness to share our expertise will make the process clearer to you. We are dedicated construction and project management experts.


From permitting to construction, we handle every aspect of the process, making it much simpler. That’s why our team is trusted for all types of home remodeling projects, big or small.

Locations Served

We have helped and continue to serve clients in and around Ventura County. Whether you live in the city of Ventura or in Camarillo, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, or Ojai, you can call on Eagle Pride Construction’s room addition contractors.


Our team has worked with many customers in Westlake and Santa Barbara as well. If you live in the region and need the help of an experienced home addition builder, contact us and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

Contact Eagle Pride Construction

Our mission is to turn your ideas into a reality. We’re known for high-quality service and construction backed by streamlined management and cost-effective solutions. Building trust with our clients has enabled us to expand our services and continue to provide great results.


Our home addition contractors can help build out a new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or other room, or otherwise expand a home to meet the needs of you and your family. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process.


To discuss your project and receive an estimate, contact us on the web or call 805-765-6719 today!


(805) 765-6719

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