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Ventura, CA Best Wineries to Visit!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

When it comes to wine country, Ventura is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors to the north and south. But the region's more than two dozen wineries offer a diverse range of wines and tasting experiences, from intimate family-run operations to large-scale production facilities. Visit this link for more information.

Here are five of the best wineries to visit in Ventura:

Strey Cellars

Strey Cellars is a small, family-run winery specializing in Rhône varietals. The wines are made in an old-world style, focusing on balance and elegance. The tasting room is in a converted barn, and the property includes a beautiful garden with sweeping views of the valley. Read about A Guide to Ventura's Best Parks and Recreation Areas here.

Best Wineries to Visit in Ventura, CA

Ventura Vineyard Company

Ventura Vineyard Company is one of the largest wineries in the region, with a production facility that can turn out more than 100,000 cases of wine per year. The tasting room is located in a historic farmhouse, and the grounds include a picnic area and a small pond.

Four Brix Winery

Four Brix Winery is a small, family-owned operation specializing in Italian varietals. The wines are made in a traditional style, and the tasting room is located in a converted barn. The property also includes a small olive grove and a vineyard.

Ventura is the perfect place to visit if you want a unique wine-tasting experience. Our list of three Ventura wineries is just a starting point - be sure to explore all the region has to offer! There's something for everyone, with more than two dozen wineries.

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